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Do you have a pest problem?

We all know pests can be a huge nuisance, but not only that, they can cause harm to your health, electrical appliances and plumbing having them congregate in your home or place of work over a long period of time. Fumetech Pest control can eliminate these pests and also provide you a pest control solution to keep the pests out for good!

Why chose Fumetech?

Fumetech Pest Control will treat each pest control situation individually because we realise that all conditions vary, therefore each condition will need different approaches to eradicate the problem. We provide a professional service at competitive prices using up to date techniques and only MAF approved chemicals. All chemicals are non stainable so no one will ever notice we were there. call us today for a free quote!

We carry out free site visits to access your pest control problem. We can cater an ongoing programme to eradicate and protect your site from all pests.